"HagClock" Low Noise Oscillator (discontinued)

The HagClock low noise oscillator is intended for use as a reference clock in CD players and transports. It employs a number of circuit improvements over the classic sinewave oscillator design, enhancing performance in all respects. The built-in super-regulators make installation simple, requiring no additional circuitry.

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Completed HagClock



Frequency+/-10ppm (adjustable)
Rise/Fall Time<5ns (20% to 80%)
Jitter<10ps rms?
Startup Delay<100ms
Size3.7" x 1.7" (PCB)
Input Voltage+/-8V to +/-15V (+45mA, -20mA)


The HagClock has a low impedance output buffer that is tuned for driving a short section of twisted pair transmission line (CAT5). The waveform below shows the actual response using 6" of line and a 100 ohm series termination into a 10pF scope probe load. Such care to impedance matching eliminates ringing and reflection distortion and keeps noise to a minimum.

Output waveform

HagClock starts up in 100ms after external power is applied.

Startup delay


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