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"FryBaby" Compact Burn-In Generator - $249 Order now!

The FryBaby is a compact and portable personal cable and audio electronics burn-in generator. It has three output amplitudes, two low level inverse qualized for MC and MM phonostages, and a third line level for power amplifiers and directly burning-in cables. The FryBaby can be powered from either a 9V battery or 120Vac power supply (included). You also get a break-in CD for conditioning CD players and an RCA loopback adapter. The FryBaby is a very flexible and low cost solution for your audio break-in needs.

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  • Break-in cables, electronics, and phonostages
  • Three output levels
  • Unique, scientifically created waveform
  • Power supply included


Output Amplitude1Vrms
Output Impedance100 ohms
Noise Bandwidth200Hz to 20kHz
Modulation Sweep Range2Hz to 200Hz
Size3" x 5" x 1"


"I was in a shock, that was my first reaction. This is one of the best tweaks I've ever tried ... fuller tones; more refined treble; bigger/deeper stage; instruments with a bigger body; more air; better sustain of instruments ... only after two or three seconds, it's so obvious that bass got more breath and freshness; bigger, deeper, wider and richer soundstage; more breath and body in bass; richer in the middle; warmer vocal; better sustain; you can feel and touch the singer who is here in my room ... the difference wa SO obvious and audible." - Marko Pecotic

"The sound that came out of the speakers was in all aspects - BETTER. The color of sound didn't change, but colors were richer and clearer. The background of soundstage was completely dark, so it was easier to see the musicians and instruments. The character of instruments has become more natural. FryBaby is a very recommended component! Each and every serious audiophile should own it." - Robert Kocijan


Customer Testimonials

  • So far I've burned in two pairs of interconnects. There is quite a difference in the sound: improved clarity, more air, bigger soundstage, more robust bass, and improved dynamics. Overall everything is clearer and has more impact. This is a very effective device.
  • I really depend on these, as my recording duties constantly require me to 'break-in' new microphone cables of varying lengths - generally 10 to 20 feet! in length, quite a difference from the usual 'audiophile' 1 meter standard RCA interconnects! The long lengths really seem to effect the sound - starting as quite 'muffled' and 'closed-in,' but gradually changing (over the period of about one month!) to a very 'open' and 'dynamic' sound, which is what I am looking for. I don't think that most of the 'studio' recording people are aware of this effect. Their attitude is more generally 'wire-is-wire' with little appreciation (that an audiophile would have) of how the passive components can radically effect the sound.
  • I borrowed my friend's Fry Baby recently to burn in my Grover Huffman cables. These ICs had thousands of hours on them and sounded very good, so i was not expecting the excellent results i heard. Initially i did the phono cables and then the ones from the phonostage to the linestage and then the pair from the linestage to the amp. With just the phono cables burnt in, i noticed a bit more detail, but nothing major. After the 2nd set of cables i was hearing much more detail and a big improvement in everything! Of course by the time the 3rd set was burnt in that really made a difference. What i heard was way better extension at both ends and bloom and decay to die for. My soundstage grew in width height and depth. Overall i'm very impressed as i hadn't expected such an improvement. What a fantastic item you've made with the Fry Baby!