"Cornet2" Phonostage (discontinued)

The Cornet2 vacuum tube phonostage uses all-tube zero-feedback gain stages, passive equalization, and output current sink-loaded cathode followers. This topology provides very clean and dynamic low noise amplification and low output impedance, able to drive any interconnects or even a passive linestage. Construction is solid and sonics are superb, easily competing with units many times its cost. Components are of the highest quality, no corners were cut in this design. The Cornet2 is very accommodating to tube rolling so you can tune sonics to your taste.

Expert DIYers can build this preamplifier themselves. The half-kit version will cost you approximately $750 in raw parts (this ain't no discount design). Use parts from your existing stock or upgrade to exotic and other boutique parts. The universal type power transformer accomodate worldwide operation. Construction is enhanced by the clever circuit board design, which houses all components except for the power transformer, practically eliminating costly wiring errors.

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Completed Cornet2

Completed Circuit Board



Input Impedance47k ohm
Output Impedance1k ohm
RIAA Response+/-1dB from 25Hz to 25kHz
Bandwidth15Hz to 30kHz
Distortion0.02% @1kHz
SNR72dB ref 5mV A-weighted
Overload250mV @1kHz
Size7.25" x 11.65" (PCB)
Weight7 lbs
Input Voltage100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 240V
Tubes12AX7 (ECC83) x 2, 12AU7 (ECC82) x 1, 5Y3 x 1

Reviewer Excerpts

"... this little phono stage completely trounced my sub-mini phono preamp ... The phono preamp was extremely quiet with my vintage Grado 8MR cartridge (not MC) ... This is not a vintage-sounding phono preamp. While it sounds pleasant and definately tube-based, it has resolution, soundstaging, and speed that no vintage design I know of can match. The sound is coherent, well balanced, and detailed. The critical midrange is warm without bloom, the bass solid and visceral when called for, the highs smooth." - Kevin Kennedy


The Cornet not only sounds superb, it has impeccable measurements too. Below is the 1kHz square wave performance, which demonstrates excellent equalization correction. Distortion is so low it is difficult to measure, but is mainly second-order in nature.

Square wave response and residual distortion


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