"Cornet" Phonostage ($129 kit/2)

The amplification stages are all single-ended class A with zero feedback. RIAA equalization is implemented using a split, passive RC design. A cathode follower provides low output impedance to capably drive any interconnects. No relays or mute switches are necessary because the high voltage supply uses a vacuum tube diode. The circuit board has a very clean layout and employs quality components (polypropylene signal caps) and adequate power supply decoupling.

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Cornet (original)



Input Impedance47k
Output Impedance750 ohm
RIAA Response+/-1dB from 25Hz to 25kHz
Bandwidth (-3dB)15Hz to 30kHz
Distortion0.02% @1kHz @64dB*
SNR67dB ref 0.5mV A-weighted @64dB*
Overload25mV @1kHz @64dB*
Size5.25" x 8.5" (PCB)
Tubes12AX7 (ECC83) x 2, 12AU7 (ECC82) x 1, 5Y3 x 1 (or GZ34)